Your Wealth=C-H-O-I-C-E

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!

First off, a very special Happy Birthday to my father-in-love Beany and Happy Birthday Eve to my dear father George-two very special gentlemen who are incredibly talented, warm and caring, compassionate, and are wonderful examples of doing little things with great love! I love you both dearly and wish you nothing shy of amazingness today and every today to come.

The Birthday Boys: My Father-in-love Beany and My Pops George

And now for today’s musings…

I am incredibly blessed. And in those off chance moments in which I get frustrated, annoyed, worried, or fearful, I am acutely aware that I have moved from living from privilege to existing out of obligation.

Let me set the record straight: I have nothing and am nothing without the love of My Heavenly Father and His abundant grace.

When I use the present to be in His presence, my life becomes simple yet significant, rewarding and rich, bountiful and beautiful.

It is easy to exist and it is easy to believe and feel like life owes you. I know. I was there and sometimes find myself there. It is called using the present to rehash the should have, would have, could have and the it’ll never happen, I am not ______ enough.

It is in these moments that you and I are life…less.

BUT something happens when we are reminded or perhaps pushed to consider that this moment right now is a privilege. When we exist out of obligation and believe that everyone owes us, we give our power away. When we live from privilege, we have the power. We move from a place of “I have to” (Obligation) to “I get to” (Privilege). Obligation robs of our happiness while privilege bring us happiness. Obligation decreases the value of life while privilege increases it. Obligation feeds into the notion that you are just a number while privilege emphasizes your incredible worth.

You and I have this immense power to choose how we will live our lives each and everyday: existing out of obligation or living from privilege.

Today, I invite you to choose the latter. Though it may not always be easy, I can assure you that it will be rewarding.

Privilege gives us the upper hand and it is one that is not determined by your income, profession, education, race, religion, or sex; it is determined by your choice.

You (and I)…are that powerful.

 Obligation vs. Privilege

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