Lessons From The Sky

Last Wednesday, Drew and I returned home after spending just over a week in our other home state of Texas.

It’s amazing what takes place when your mind is focused on rest… ideas and insight come flowing in. This was certainly the case when we were high above the clouds, flying through the sky.


Here are what I call: “Lessons From The Sky”


1. Do you ever wonder how pilots know where to fly? I’m not sure about you, but when I look out of the window (from the plane), I don’t see any lines, stop signs, street lights, etc. I rarely ever see another plane near by (other than when we are landing). Though planes are equipped with advanced technology to help with navigation, speed, etc., it is ultimately up to the pilot to control the plane.


Lesson 1: Flying (soaring to our potential, living an extraordinary life) is about trust….all about trust. Trust in the unknown, trust beyond what is visible, trusting when we don’t completely understand.


2. Human beings are a lot like planes. We come in all shapes and sizes. Up close, we seem to be quite large however up in the sky, we are significantly smaller. And we were created with similar purposes….


Lesson 2a: Though taking-off and landing are important, human beings, like planes, were designed to soar and go from place to place. We were never created to stay in one place. Flying/soaring allows us to see the big picture.


Lesson 2b: Human beings may be like planes but God/universe is like the sky. Notice the size difference.


3. Carriers of Precious Cargo


Lesson 3: We were designed to be carriers/transporters. Like planes, we have been created to help transport people from place to place (via ideas, insight, innovation, design, connections, encouragement, love, etc). We are constantly “dropping people/ideas/stuff off and picking people/ideas/stuff up.”


4. Have you ever noticed that once you’re flying at a certain altitude, there are no rain clouds or if there are rain clouds, they are beneath you?


Lesson 4: Anger, frustration, annoyance, bitterness, and resentment-they only take place at a certain altitude. To overcome them, you have to be willing to fly at a higher altitude. Peace, happiness, fulfillment, love, and contentment are always available to you. You just have to be willing to soar above the anger, frustration, annoyance, bitterness, and resentment to experience them.


5. A skilled pilot would never attempt to fly a plane without fuel. The reality is, flying requires fuel.


Lesson 5: Flying without fuel is dangerous…so is living. To live our best lives each day, it is essential for us to fuel up regularly…not waiting for our fuel tanks to hit empty. I know personally that I am not a very nice person if I am hungry or tired. As such, I make sure to get plenty of rest, eat healthy meals regularly, and carry snacks whenever I am out. 

 IMG_1668 IMG_1677

Folks, You and I are designed to soar. We are designed to live a life high above frustration, anger, bitterness, resentment, and so forth. And to live life fully, completely, and to our highest potential, it requires trust. Trust is not something that can be bought at a store or created in a test tube, it is something that is cultivated with in and takes place one choice, one action…at a time.


Happy Soaring!



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