A BAD Post.

We live in a world that glorifies being busy and magnifies material goods.

In the midst of it all is a deep desire within all of us for…connection.

Real connection with real people.

A type of connection that says,

 “I hear you. I feel your pain. I celebrate your success. I understand. You can do it. You are worth it. You matter.”

The reality is, we all have a story. And for many of us, our journeys may not have been easy.

They may have been/are a little messy and have banged us up a little (or a lot).

These experiences have become moments in time that truly transform(ed) us and when shared honestly and authentically… inspire others.

What connects us is not our successes but our willingness to share our failures.

Our failures build our character and when shared, offer others hope.

Many of us are BAD…Born Again Dreammakers.

So, to kick-off 2014, we decided to do something special and give you…a part of us.

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