A New Beginning…

It’s January 1st, 2014 at 10:20pm and after many moments of thinking about, considering, and deliberating whether I was going to write this post, I am.

There is something about fresh starts that excites me. Perhaps it’s the image of a blank canvas or beautiful picture frames waiting to be filled. Regardless of the image, there’s this incredible feeling that something exciting is taking shape and a year of extraordinary possibilities has just begun.

2013 was an incredible year in of itself. It was the year that Drew and I said, “I do.” It was the year that we welcomed two nephews and a niece into our family. It was the year that my parents and brother moved to their new respective homes. It was the year that our soccer team came back from a year hiatus to win our league championship. It was the year of Los Cabos, Cape Cod and the Texas Tour. It was the year I reunited with my old roommates after being a part  for 5 years. It was the year we released Rockstar 52 (available here).


2013 was a year of growth, resilience, and evolution. Though there were plenty of moments of celebration, there were also moments of inner struggle, frustration, and daily visits from fear. I recognized my unhealthy addiction to keeping up with what everyone else was doing and realized that instead of fuelling me, it was merely robbing me of being and living my best. In many ways and at many points last year, I felt myself being emptied and from this came the greatest revelation: God was emptying me of all of the things that did not bring out the best in me such that it could create space so that He could fill me up. 

2013 was a year of decluttering: old thought patterns, relationships, ideas, and perspectives. It was a year of Unleashing Greatness by making space for greatness.

With the new year upon us, the time has arrived…to be filled up.

It’s a chance to start fresh.

2014 is about the WOW factor: to be amazed, intrigued, enlightened, inspired, and in awe. 


Ladies and gents, it’s time to transform every now moment into a wow moment…one choice, one action, one moment at a time.

Wishing you and yours extraordinary love, incredible experiences, and infinite moments to feel and experience…the very BEST that life has to offer. This is Y(our) year!


Here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming in January 2014!

2 thoughts on “A New Beginning…

  1. Happy New Year Jo!! Wishing you so much happiness, love, joy, and success in 2014. I know you will make it everything you are dreaming of. xoxo Sarah

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