Merry Christmas!

Good Morning Beautiful People,

Happy Tuesday but not just any Tuesday, Happy January 7th!

While this may seem like an ordinary Tuesday to you, it is no ordinary Tuesday for many Ukrainians and Eastern Orthodox all around the world. Today marks a very special day…it’s Christmas Day. The Christmas season is a time of faith, family, and food. It is a time of celebration and gratitude. It is a time of honour.

Though you may not be Ukrainian or Eastern Orthodox, I invite you to consider making Faith, family, food, celebration, gratitude, and honour a part of your everyday. It is easy to acknowledge these elements during Christmas or other “sacred” holidays and celebrations but what if for a moment we considered that we don’t need a calendar to dictate a day’s importance-rather everyday we are blessed with is important; everyday is sacred.

Today, as you go about your day whether by chance or choice, may you embrace that today was not promised, it was given. My 2014 wish for you is that you experience the WOW: to be amazed, intrigued, enlightened, inspired, and in awe. 

the year of wow

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