Two Weeks in Photos:)

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks including two trips in a span of 7 days. As such, I decided to combine the last two weeks in photos for this special day. For all those who celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Today is indeed a day of love, not because of what the calendar says but because it is another day we have been given. Another Day, Another Present.

P.S. To check out even more photos, please visit the Everyday New Project (and perhaps consider starting your own:))

I received a surprise email from my lovely friend in Saskatoon who informed me that upon browsing the latest issue of Viva Magazine, she stumbled upon a familiar face…you might recognize her too;)
A weekend in Ottawa was not complete without delicious poutine and a visit to Winterlude in Quebec
I love trying out new restaurants especially those who feature local and organic food! Thank you @lisadawnpoole for introducing me to this gem!
…and the LOLE family grows!
There is beauty even on the coldest of cold days!
An incredibly precious moment with a very special little boy.
This is what it looks like when I’m preparing for a keynote…
Days are made even more special with an impromptu lunch made by one of my beautiful sisters.
I love coming across new finds like this one: organic extra virgin olive oil at Costco (2x1L bottles for $11.99)
The backdrop of a fun couple of days with some exceptional leaders!
A picturesque morning in Quebec
IMG_2089A delicious new tea…one of the best I’ve ever tasted!
A delicious sweet treat made by an even sweeter person. Thanks Sandi!
My husband is absolutely amazing and I am truly a blessed girl. I came home to find my favourite flowers waiting for me with the sweetest note!

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