Taking One For The Team.

Love=Trump Card

I used to get in trouble a lot. I’m not talking once a month or once a week, I’m talking once a day. My brother on the other hand, never got into trouble. If he was the white sheep, I was most certainly the black sheep. Instead of praying that I didn’t get in trouble, I would pray that he would (get in trouble). But then, just as my prayer would be answered, I would feel bad and instead wish that any punishment be given to me.

This one time, my cousin was over visiting and the three of us were hanging out in the family room. For whatever reason, we had the bright idea of doing a multiple person piggy back ride and of course since I was the smallest, I would be on top. As we carried out this plan, a greater force took over, we toppled over and I banged my head on the corner of our wall unit. Though it hurt, I didn’t want them to tell because I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble. I was happy to endure the pain because I wanted to protect my cousin and my brother (what I didn’t know was that my head got cut and there was blood coming from it-lucky for me my mum is a nurse and with a nifty seal from the first aid kit, I was on my way to being healed).

As I reflect back on my days of getting into trouble, I recognize God working in my life, preparing me and setting me up for my greatest assignment. I was chosen because He knew that I could take the pain. He knew that whatever tried to break me would never succeed (no matter how close it came) because I was and am equipped with a spirit much greater…the spirit of My Father.

Today, I am equipped to face the challenges of this world because I have been given the key that unlocks it all…Jesus.

Jesus took one for the team…and following His example, I CAN, I AM, and I WILL do the same.


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