Show Me How.

I have this book called “Show Me How.” Well, it actually began when I came across this book and bought it as a gift for my brother but I liked it so much that I ordered a copy for myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has bought a gift for someone only to have either a) kept it for yourself or b) bought an identical one for yourself.

The premise of the book is it shows the reader how to do a variety of things: everything from trying a tie to doing magic tricks; from planting a garden to getting out of a car in a miniskirt; from giving yourself the perfect manicure to explaining the various different styles of moustaches. The beauty of the book is that the instructions are all in step-by-step illustrations. I don’t know about you but I LOVE illustrations and colour.


a sample of what you will find in “Show Me How”

Some dear friends of ours are not overly big cooks so for their housewarming, Drew and I found these cool cookbooks that literally shows the chef-to-be exactly what he or she needs, how much, and what to do. How, you ask? By using coloured step-by-step instruction from start to finish. Brilliant right?

How many of us want one of those for life? How many of us would love a step-by-step illustrated instruction manual for dealing with the nuances of life? Show me how to respond to a text message from a boy I like without sounding needy. Show me how to study and get an A. Show me how to get out of an uncomfortable situation. Show me how to stand up for what I believe in without being outcasted. Show me how to make a good first impression. Show me how to land a second date. Show me how to love someone I really can’t stand.

I know I definitely could have used (and still can use) a book like that.

Friends, as human beings, we crave a certain level of certainty. We want to know HOW. This is fairly simple with things like making a delicious meal or planting a garden or setting up a Facebook profile. This becomes rather complex when it is about making choice about our career, finding the ideal mate, overcoming doubt and fear, etc.

Why? Because you and I are unique individuals and though there are a plethora of elements that connect us to each other, we on our own have to experience what we are going through.

The truth is, “Show Me How” and books like this are great for those who merely want to follow. The problem is, many of us have been called to be leaders. Instead of following the illustrations of others, we are called to be the illustrators and authors of Show Me How books. Leaders are called to show the world HOW.

Will it be easy? Hell No.

Will it be rewarding? Hell Yes.

Leadership…profound, legacy creating, SuperHero style leadership is not hard work; it’s heart work.


Leaders are often disguised as ordinary people but are distinguished because of their extraordinary hearts.

True leaders are trailblazers.

They are the ones who go first when it is not easy.

They are the ones that take risks hat no one else is willing to take.

They are the ones who see opportunity when others see obstacle.

They are the ones who know that they have been designed for something more.

True leaders are visionaries, sometimes charismatic while at other times strong and silent.

They are the people who face fear daily but act in spite of it.

They face uncertainty, inconveniences, backlash, and have more critics than others but they don’t let it stop them.

Leaders need just as much support, encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment as others…sometimes more.

Today, I invite, encourage, and challenge you to embrace the gift that has been placed in your heart and the reason that you’ve been chosen to be here today.

You have an extraordinary heart.

Your opportunity is to show others How by living, leading, and loving by example.

“Do the right thing even when no one is looking.”-unknown

Our world needs y(our) best. It’s not a question; it’s a Rockstar and SuperHero statement.

SuperHeroes in disguise

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