Game Changers.

A simple act of kindness can change our world.

-hold the door for others
-say please and thank you
-return your buggy to where they belong vs leaving it randomly in a parking lot (you would be annoyed if it was your car that got damaged by someone else’s laziness or carelessness)
-take deep breaths regularly
-get enough sleep
-eat well
-behave in such a way that you would be ok if a 4 year old mimicked you
-acknowledge the driver who let you in with a simple hand wave
-wish someone a happy [insert] day
-be kind to yourself
-be grateful and give thanks generously
-remember that every person regardless of title or paycheck is a person with feelings, opinions, talents and they just like you want to feel valued, appreciated and loved
-laugh regularly. Life is not that serious
-pick up and put garbage in the nearest garbage can. The beauty of our world and environment is all of our responsibility
-if you have garbage, toss it into the nearest garbage can vs. dropping it on the ground, leaving it on the shelf at the store, etc. you know better.
-write a note to someone you love and let them know why life is that much more amazing because of him/her
– buy coffee or tea for the person behind you
-be a Dreammaker in your life and the lives of others
-turn off your cellphone when you’re having lunch with someone. Be present
-your RSVP matters. Send it on time.
-buy an extra non-perishable item during your weekly shop and donate it to your local food bank. A 50 cent can of soup is a meal for someone who could use it
-Honour your word. Be a person of integrity.

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