This Week In Photos

A delicious meal with amazing friends was the perfect way to kick-off this week of miracles.
As a tea lover, I love trying new teas. This one was compliments of the amazing team at Numi Tea
Celebrating the beginning of lent with a pancake dinner and multi-fruit smoothie. Pancakes of choice: Banana Oat Blender Pancakes (click the image for the recipe:)
After hearing about this wonderful woman and her book from multiple people, I picked up a copy this week and am enjoying learning from this Houstonian.
I love products that make a statement like this reusable bag from Roots. Inspiration is found everywhere!
8:00am today: I wrote a piece on Faith and fear, 9:30am today: I met my best friend for breakfast at which point she gave me a gift…this is what she bought me. I was definitely wowed (this is also the short version of a truly miraculous event that took place).

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