Lifestyles of the Confident and Courageous.

Our world has a problem…a growing problem, an infectious disease, an epidemic. It is so serious that if we don’t start doing something about it, it will kill us…it has already begun. Some people/companies are all abot ending hunger, while others are about ending homelessness and addictions.

Earlier this year, the brilliant Ben Arment ( tweeted:


What’s wrong with this picture? Or is this totally cool with you?

Back to the real problem (in my humble opinion).  The lack of clean water, sanitation, housing, jobs, and every other cause we seem to be fighting for or have a charity for stems from a bigger, more significant issue.

The issue? The lack of LOVE. I’m not talking about the Valentine’s Day type of love but the love that St. Paul talks about in his letter to the Corinthians:

Love is patient...

When we love, we live on purpose, with a purpose that goes beyond our own selfish needs and wants.

When we love, we seek the highest good and the best in others…we want to give our best (to others) too.

When we love, we do not give in to fear but operate from courage.

When we love, we move from being selfish to selfless.

When we love, we are unafraid to stand for something…even if we are the only one standing.

Love gives hope.

Love brings peace.

Love is compassionate.

Love is not self-serving or self-seeking.

Love is relentless.

Love does not quit.

Love elevates.

Love encourages.

Love empowers.

Love fuels.

Love inspires.

Love motivates.

Love nurtures and nourishes.

Love heals.

Love celebrates.

Love gives generously.

Love honours.

Love is considerate.

Love connects.

Love sees the BEST in others.

Love adds.

Love multiplies.

Love creates.

Love is so much more.

What would it be like if we operated from love in everything that we do whether it is sweeping the floors, holding the door for a stranger, writing the next best-seller, designing the next hybrid vehicle, or developing the curriculum for the 21st Century?

Love is the highest operating system

Our world is experiencing a state of malnourishment…a deep hunger. But this hunger cannot be satisfied by the materialistic world. It requires something more. See folks, we have many people in our world who are starving for food but many, MANY more who are starving for love.

Our world is hungry for love

Love says, “I care.”

Love says, “You matter.”

Love says, “Your are valued.”

Love says, “I see you. I hear you.”

Love says, “I’ve got your back and your heart.”

Love says, “You can trust me.”

Love says, “I honour you.”

If you can't feed a hundred, just feed one.

Ladies and Gents, our world doesn’t need more things; it needs more love. It begins by focusing on what you CAN do and doing it with love; sharing what you DO have and sharing it with love; and most importantly as one of my good friends Ophellia Mcknight of Bridal Affair Destinations is famous for saying, “LOVE…by example.”

Love by example



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