This Week in Photos!

What a day at “work” looks like…
May has arrived which means lots of new opportunities to get up and active with the LOLE ambassadors at our FREE meet-ups (these are for the LOLE Oakville Atelier location. For other locations please visit or click on the image)
If you only knew what we have in store for you…..
A little early bday surprise from my amazingly thoughtful husband.
no caption needed.


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.27.17 PM
Looking for some new music? Check out the incredible husband and wife duo of Johnnyswim. Their new album DIAMONDS was released on Tuesday and it is seriously amazing.

Here’s one of my current favourite songs “Diamonds” by Johnnyswim

One thought on “This Week in Photos!

  1. just saw them on VH1 for first time, like 10 minutes ago. they’re amazing!! wierd i did a search on “yoga” just now and found this post. random. cheers!

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