This Week in Photos: Treasure Hunt

Processed with Moldiv
Found it on Sunday, finished it on Tuesday. “Raising The Bar” by Gary Erickson…definitely worth the read!
The most delicious (organic) peaches I’ve ever had. 7 (I ate the one that is missing) for $1.78 at Vert Living in Mississauga. Did I mention that they were organic?
The White Road Journey from “Raising The Bar” by Gary Erickson
Processed with Rookie
In honour of my mother Maggie:)
Thank you @MarielHemingway and @NickNilson for two on time reminders:)
#GingerChocolateMoments: organic, fair-trade and good for the soul.
A behind the scenes look at the story of Pixar…
This week just got better with these yummy treats from my nonna. They also happen to be Drew’s favourite! #italianbylove

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