What’s Your #Celebration Style?

Yesterday was Father’s Day and what a Father’s Day it was.

Drew and I got to spend it with both of our fathers. We also received word that our Grandpa Bud had taken his last breath here on earth. His sunset was on Father’s Day, which was also Sunday (Son-Day). As I sit here thinking about the events of yesterday, I am reminded of how precious each moment is with those we love.

How often do we take the time to honour the ones we love when it is not a calendar determined event like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Christmas, Birthdays, etc? How often do we share our love with the ones we love on a random Monday or Thursday? What would it be like if everyday was Love and Honour day where our presence (regardless of length of time is given fully, completely, and wholeheartedly) is the greatest presents we can give to each other?

Yesterday was indeed Father’s Day but the truth is, everyday is the perfect day to celebrate the ones we love. My invite to you and I both is to seize each moment (via phone call, surprise visit, handwritten note, text, photo, etc.) to remind those we love how valuable and important they are to us and more so, how much they are loved.

When we celebrate each day, each day becomes a celebration. And you my friend, and those you hold near and dear….are worth celebrating.


celebrate often

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