I’m curious friend.

Does your sight determine your vision or does your vision determine your sight?

 sight vs vision

Sight sees the destination.

Vision sees the journey.

Sight sees obstacle.

Vision sees opportunity.

Sight sees problem.

Vision sees solutions.

Sight requires the eye to function: “can you see 20/20 or not?” (simple)*.

Vision requires the eye, the visual pathway, and the visual cortex to work together (complex)*.

Sight captures images.

Vision generates insight (meaning).

Sight is physical.

Vision is metaphysical.

Sight sees the what.

Vision sees the why.

Sight sees action.

Vision sees intention.

Sight shows you what is in front of the curtain.

Vision shows you behind the scenes.

Sight looks on the surface.

Vision looks at what is beneath the surface (foundation).

Sight sees the superficial.

Vision sees the supernatural.

Sight can blind us.

Vision can propel us.

Sight says, “I can’t…”

Vision says, “I can…”

Sight says, “What can I get?”

Vision says, “What can I give?”

Sight says, “This is it.”

Vision says, “This can be.”

Sight requires our eyes to be open.

Vision requires our heart to be open.



I’m curious friend, what do YOU see?

I am nowhere


*info provided by Vision Therapy Institute 

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