This Week in Photos: Double Takes.

A caption from The Blind Side. I’ve watched this movie several times and only while watching it this week were my eyes drawn to something I missed previously….
Each day is a gift. On Tuesday, my incredible husband surprised me with these stunning flowers. #grateful
I love the Lozere tank by @lolewomen so much that I got it in a third colour and convinced my friend Celina Close to get it too! Check out the LOLE summer sale that’s going on right now
$0.30 for $12.50 of organic groceries…#extremecouponing
My current read arrived today. This book was the follow-up to Jefferson Bethke’s youtube video that went viral within 48 hours. His topic “Why I hate religion but love Jesus.” (If you haven’t seen the video, I’ve posted it below). You can also click on this image to learn more about Jefferson.
A simple reminder of the overflow that God has for our lives. “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).”-John 10:10, AMP
Blessings in disguise.
No week would be complete without a snap shot of God’s majesty. 

Video of the Week (inspired by my current read: Jesus>Religion by Jefferson Bethke)

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