This Week in Photos: L is for…

A hilarious page I found while flipping through this month’s Esquire Magazine
The newest addition to the @lolewomen family: LOLE ATELIER SQUARE ONE. Like them on Facebook (click this photo to be taken to their page) for a chance to win a I Glow Yoga Mat and Strap!
Farmer’s Market Meal: Roasted Green Beans and Yellow Zucchini, Freekeh with Cucumbers, Grape Tomatoes, and Mint, and Oven-Roasted Basa Filet (not from Farmer’s Market) with Roasted Tomato Salsa #nomnom #foodporn #foodie
The way I like my life…
L is for…
I love finding a great deal but even more, I love sharing it! Check out Restoration Hardware for their up to 70% off sale. This beautiful Artisan Leather iPAD cover and wireless keyboard reg. $149, on sale for $44.99 + an additional 10% off! Click on image to be taken to the Restoration Hardware website. Happy Shopping!
Wallpaper or live image?


UPCOMING EVENTS: Mark Your Calendars!!!

give away sunday
My mum’s mantra is: GIVE YOUR BEST TO OTHERS. So, in honour of her birthday on Sunday, @lolewomen and I will be doing just that…
Every brand has a story. What’s yours? Join @raehanbobby & his ensemble of experts at this year’s #dypbTO.    Click on the image above to register for this event!
life class
LOLE Life Class is back in session! Join us for this refreshing, kick-your-life-up-a-notch morning that is brought to you by the #loleambassadors. It is absolutely FREE!!!


VIDEO OF THE WEEK: This initiative warms my heart and is a brilliant reminder that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” @intermarche


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