373 Days Ago, My Life Changed…

Just over a year ago, after watching the movie “Julie and Julia,” I gave myself a challenge. For the next 365 days, I challenged myself to take one photo each day of life’s adventures and experiences. Why? Because so often we get so focused on our goals and pursuing the next thing (relationship, career opportunity, house, car, outfit, etc.) that we miss out on the amazing moments that happen in between. I wanted to become more present to the presence of God in the everyday.

Everyday New
The original challenge.

373 days later (and counting), I am in utter awe as I reflect upon the past year of my life. What has become apparent is the incredible beauty and blessings that surround us each and every day if we only stop to appreciate it. The past year has included #preciousmoments with little ones, incredible sights in nature, new mentors, visiting new places, successfully doing ‘wheel pose’ in yoga (after months, MANY, MANY months of practicing), the kindness of strangers and so much more. This photo journal has not only been fun creating but it is inspiring to look back on. As such, Everyday New continues for this Connoisseur of Life. Why? Because there is a whole lot of life to live and whole lot of amazingness to experience. May it inspire you to start your own Everyday New project or at the very least remind you to take time to recognize, savour, and enjoy the magnificent blessings all around us.

Here are just some of my favourite moments from the past year.



For the complete collection, please visit Everyday New and comment below if you decide to create your own!

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