This Week in Photos: SOUL FOOD




life class
LOLE Life Classes are back! Join us this Tuesday August 19th for a morning of Unleashing Greatness at LOLE ATELIER OAKVILLE….It’s FREE!!!! @lolewomen #liveoutloudeveryday
This is one of my FAVOURITE books and one that will help you #liveoutloudeveryday! Love @soulpancake
My morning tea had this message for me:) (Pictured: One of my favourite @DeanAndDeLuca mugs)
Nature’s beauty never gets old!
My daily mantra: TODAY IS A GOOD DAY:) (Pillow available @chaptersindigo)
A little field trip led to finding this little slice of heaven…
My Summer Smoothie made with blueberries*, apricots*, pineapple, chia seeds*, pumpkin protein powder*, agave*, ginger*, mint* (*=organic) @manitobaharvest


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