This Week in Photos: Sweet Treats

A beautiful excerpt from “The Alchemist” by @paulocoelho
After attending my class (@lolewomen) entitled the “I Opener” on Tuesday, one of the attendees sent me this photo of what she stumbled upon shortly after (less than an hour after class). Coincidence? @wholefoods
My roller bag full of fresh organic produce from the Farmer’s Market. I believe some nut-free basil pesto is in order….
I attend a lot of trade shows looking for inspiration and this was one of the BEST giveaways from this year’s #incentiveworks2014. Kudos to Florida Meetings for this schnazzy pen.
It might rain. It might storm. BUT, the sun will always come out again.                                                                              “Joy comes in the morning. Troubles they don’t last always.”-lyrics from “My Life is In Your Hands.”
This is what $10 can get you at Target!
Interested in donating some school supplies to those in need? This is what $10 can get you @TargetCanada            (15 packs of 24pk crayons, 10 80-page coil notebooks, 5 packs of 200 count refill paper, 4 glue sticks,                          and a roll of kraft paper)!
A little afternoon nut-free (peanut and tree nut free!) treat courtesy of my darling friend Tiff from the wonderful @social_cupcake in Port Credit. They offer gourmet cupcakes and specialty cakes! Click the image to be taken to their website:).



Video of the Week: This week’s video is one that I came across on a fascinating site called HAPPIFY and shares the story of Arthur who is a paratrooper veteran. It’s a story of courage. It’s a story of tragedy. But most importantly, it’s a story of TRIUMP and the power of believing in yourself and others. Your belief in another may very well be all they need to live their dream and be all they were created to be (for Arthur, it was Diamond Dallas Page @RealDDP). You and I are that powerful! The question is, WHO DO YOU STAND FOR? And remember, DO NOT GIVE UP!


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