5 Reasons to Smile TODAY!

Hello beautiful people,

Happy Tuesday:). As we kick off an amazing week ahead, some are headed back to school while others are returning to the “regular routine.” Wherever you find yourself today, this post is dedicated to making you smile. Why? Because smiles are contagious and it is said that “A Smile Is Your Best Accessory.”

So here’s to YOU, this day ahead, and that gosh darn beautiful smile of yours. Wear it proud today!

…Robby Novak a.k.a @iamkidpresident is simply awesome.                

Precious moments with little ones...#priceless
Precious moments with little ones…#priceless

what we give

….the kindness of strangers (these strangers so happen to be the boys from @givebackfilms)

…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is what happens when you believe.

For even more make-you-smile goodness, check out The Smile Effect, Happify, Kid President


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