This Week in Photos: LOVE is…

Hello Amazing Souls,

Happy Weekend! I hope that this week has treated you well and that you are ready for a wonderful weekend ahead:). I know I am! This week has been an interesting one. My dad had surgery on Tuesday and was in the hospital till Thursday. We are so grateful that the surgery went well and my dad is now recovering at home. During his hospital stay, I had the chance to visit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (where my mum works) and was overwhelmed by the precious little babies. What struck me was that whether you came in for surgery (like my dad), were just born (like these premies), or for whatever other issue that brought you there, hospitals are a place for the vulnerable self to come and be cared for and/or healed. It’s a place of surrender in order to be restored, rejuvenated, and have rest (a principle that we see everywhere in life). For many, it is a place of recovery while for others it is a place where they enter eternal rest. Hospitals are a place where miracles take place each and every day.

A special thank-you to Dr. Frank Papanikolauo, Dr. Jacob Hassan and the wonderful nurses at Credit Valley Hospital Unit 1A for taking such good care of my dad. Your love and kindness will never be forgotten.

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful weekend ahead and moments after moments that remind you of the beauty and blessings of life.


Love is taking a moment to recognize and acknowledge brilliance in our midst.
Love is coming across one of nature’s treasures (sage), which can heal, nourish, and so much more!


I came across this beautiful info graphic from, which shows the many benefits/uses of sage.
Love is spending time with a good friend while enjoying homemade organic dark hot chocolate topped                   with organic cinnamon and maple syrup whipped cream. #foodielove
Love is anchoring my  life to a God who is greater than anything my little brain can think, reason, dream, or fathom.
Love is coming home to my favourite flowers in this stunning crimson…a gift from my mum!
Love is learning about others, their stories, and their legacies of love.
Love is looking up at night and being in awe of the beautiful sunset that wraps up another day.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: this week’s video of the week comes from the brilliant souls @SoulPancake. It’s all about the Science of Happiness and a special experiment on…GRATITUDE!