Everyday Gourmet: This Week’s Menu!

The sun shining at the beautiful farm!

I love farms. As a child, while some families were off to Disneyworld, cottages, and other places, my parents took my brother and I on farm vacations. Yes, you read corrrectly…Farm Vacations. And yes, farm vacations do exist. As a foodie and Connoisseur of Life, I love (using) organic ingredients. So when I heard that Goodness Me (a local natural food market) had an organic farm, I knew that a field trip was in order.

Snapshots from Goodness Me’s Organic Farm at 10715 Guelph Line in Campbellville, Ontario

This past weekend, Drew and I had the chance to visit the Goodness Me (@goodnessmetweet) Organic farm in Campbellville, Ontario (If you are interested in checking out the farm and/or any of the many classes offered at Goodness Me, click here). We had the privilege of meeting the farmers David and Meiring Beyers-two brothers who are dedicated and passionate about organic farming. Not only did we have the chance to learn about the process of organic farming, we got to visit the fields and get up close to the vegetables growing out of the grown. After the tour came the part that is the favourite of any foodie/cook/chef…picking up freshly picked produce straight from the farm.

What I love most about organic food is that it a lifestyle choice. It’s a way of viewing the world and the role you play. Organic food is not just about the food but it is about our interaction with the environment and the ecosystem we live in. It’s about LOVE (for others, our community, our world, our health), LEARNING (doing the right thing is not always easy!), and LEGACY (at the end of the day, what do we want to leave behind? Have we left others and the world better or bitter?). When asked what is the most rewarding part of farming organically, David Beyers replied, “With organics, it’s tough to know where to start, because everything is rewarding. It boils down to an insane amount of work, which is something I and all of us are very proud of. I think it’s something for the community, it’s not something that’s just grown to make money. It’s something to give back to the community, and I think that’s really important to us. It’s for the people, for the earth, and about being good to the environment.” (Check out their interview here).

A definite first: eating a carrot straight from the ground (it was cleaned off a little). It was the most delicious carrot I’ve ever tasted!
Menu (Oct. 6th-10th)
This week’s menu is inspired by the bounty of the autumn harvest.

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