The Price is Right?

Look at any area of your life and in every industry, every choice will cost you something (cost not merely in terms of money but in time, effort, and commitment).
Organic food can cost more than conventional food.
All natural products can cost more than synthetic versions.
An electric or hybrid car can cost more than gasoline fuelled cars.
A meaningful relationship can cost more than a superficial one.
Standing up for someone can cost more than being silent.
Standing up for something can cost more than doing nothing.
A real Gucci purse will cost more than a fake.
Food that is actually good for you can cost more than filler food (a.k.a. junk food).
A life that is free from medication and dependence on pharmaceuticals can cost more than one that is solely dependent on it (prescription drugs, etc).

See friend, anything that is worthwhile can and often does cost more. And though it may cost more, it also comes with greater rewards (above and beyond financial rewards).

Just recently there has been lots of talk and publicity on the celebrity loaded Standup2Cancer. While this is a noble cause, what we fail to address is the many factors that contribute to this catastrophic illness.

While cancer is widespread, fighting against it is just scratching the surface. If we are truly serious about putting an end to cancer and other debilitating diseases/illness, we (that’s you and me) need to make a greater commitment to addressing the root causes.

Standing up to cancer is not merely a one night event, it is an everyday lifestyle choice in terms of the food we put in our body, the environments we live in, our ability to manage our stress and so forth. Standing up to cancer requires us to raise the standard in terms of the products and policies we create. It comes down to what you and I are willing to say, “Hell Yes” and “Hell No” to.

e.g.,  We donate money to cancer or other funds but junk food fills up the majority of our grocery cart.
e.g.,  We raise funds for cancer and other illnesses yet continue to support companies who use carcinogenic chemicals in their products.
e.g.,  We know that smoking causes cancer yet it is still legal.
e.g., We raise money to invest in seeking out medical treatments to combat these illnesses after the fact yet how much of funds raised is used to educate people on preventing it from happening in the first place.

Does anyone see an issue with this? Don’t get me wrong. I am ALL for putting an end to cancer and other debilitating diseases however if we are truly serious about it, we need to start with the choices you and I make each and everyday via the lifestyles we lead, the products we buy, and the companies we support.

See friend, until we address these root causes, cancer and other illnesses will continue to rob us of our health, wealth, and happiness though really, we have no one to blame accept the one who left the door to our lives…unlocked.


My invite to each one of us (me included):

Stand up against cancer, ALS, bullshit, and mediocrity.

-Say HELL NO to companies who insist on using cancer causing/contributing chemicals in their products.
-Use your voice and valuable vote (via each dollar you spend, the companies you promote, etc.) in support of people, products, and companies who are genuinely concerned with your well-being and not just your wallets.
-Celebrities-> I challenge you to use your influence to help raise the standards of the companies you endorse. CoverGirls–> say “No” till they remove all of their unfriendly chemicals from their products
-If you currently are investing via stocks or RRSPs, consider educating yourself (if you haven’t already done so) on which companies you are investing in. Do they align with your personal values? If yes, good on you. If no, why are you investing in them? If you are an investor (via time, talent, and/or resources) regardless of how much you are investing in, you are a shareholder and you have the power to decide if you will continue to be a shareholder. To be honest, I want to invest in companies who are equally invested in my well-being, not just my wallet because at the end of the day, no health, no wealth.


Friend, you and I are more powerful and influential than we realize. We each have a hand in helping companies survive and thrive or crumble and cease to exist. Our world can be a better place (safer, fairer, kinder, more loving)-a place of positivity, prosperity, and potential when we realize that the person in the mirror, matters.
YOU MATTER. The world we live in matters. Each one of us has the privilege, opportunity and responsibility of leaving this world and the lives we interact with better or bitter. The choice is yours and the choice is mine. And, NOW dear friend, is it.
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