Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Photos!

Happy Weekend Beautiful People!

This week was all about Thanksgiving. From the precious moments spent with loved ones, to visiting new places, to enjoying a meal with those we love. When we take the time (and as my friend Jenna Young reminded me, sometimes we need to MAKE time for the people and things that are important to us) to embrace each moment and practice the art of gratitude, the experience of living becomes sacred.

We kicked of the week visiting Leaning Post Winery (@leaningpostwine) and Ridge Road Winery (@ridgeroadwino) for the very first time.

This beautiful bushel wheat is symbolic of harvest season and also a reminder of the delicious wine made at Leaning Post by winemaker Ilya Senchuk.
The picturesque exterior of Ridge Road Winery located on the beautiful escarpment in Vinemount, ON

I also had the chance to play virtual golf for the very first time. And for those of you wondering if I am a good golfer, let’s just say I need A LOT of practice!


Even in the midst of the cloudiest days, we can still find beauty…when we look up.

More often than not, our lifestyle (the way we do life or how we want to experience life) can be found in the things that intrigue us most in life.

This is how I desire to live my life…
A reminder of my piano lesson days and more importantly a phrase, which I believe reflects God’s desire for all of us: Allegro Con Spirito (translation: lively with spirit)
I looked up and saw a this cloud shaped like North/South America. Do you see it or is it just me?

I love receiving mail, especially when it involves presents like this! Thank you to the beautiful and brilliant Anna Lozano (@annajoncalozano) founder of #thefreedomproject and Wave Makers International for this very special gift:). To learn more about #thefreedomproject, click here

Excited to be a part of #thefreedomproject!

There is something about the sight of the colourful leaves and the sound of the crunching beneath my feet that is so comforting!

Black leggings and flat boots are my signature attire for the fall.

This weekend, I invite you to take a minute (or “make the time” as Jenna would say) to just be in the moment. Close your eyes. Turn off your phone. Take a deep breath or two. Let yourself be completely present. So often, people feel like they need to jump on an airplane to take a breather from life. The truth is, the breather that we all need is truly…one breath away.

#YOUMATTER and YOU…are worth it.

Happy Weekend!