This Week in Photos: The Lens of Love

Loot bags of Love. We are never too old for loot bags. They make any party that much better!
There is something about the vibrant colours of markers that triggers my creativity…and perhaps yours too.
An unexpected surprise this week…I love surprises!
The bounty of the fall harvest is evident in this platter full of fresh, vibrant, organic, and local produce from this week’s farmers market. The total cost for all these veggies? $10! #eatlocal #cleaneating #foodielove
A freshly baked sweet (& healthy) treat: banana cranberry oat muffins. I will be sharing this recipe on Monday’s Everyday Gourmet post!
The beauty of fall…

I learned about Nick via one of my mentors. Nick is a remarkable soul who has a passion for spreading love, joy, and hope. He is a gifted speaker, author, husband, father, and role model. He also happens to not have any hands or legs. As he says, “If God can use me, he can use you!” May this week’s video inspire you as much as it continues to inspire me. You can learn more about Nick and his amazing mission here.