Getting FREEky.

What does FREEDOM look like to you?
This is a question I was recently asked by Anna Lozano (@annajoncalozano) of #TheFreedomProject. Anna and her husband Yvan founded this virtual hub to inspire and help people design their freedom lifestyle.


Beyond sharing inspiring freedom stories, what makes #TheFreedomProject special is that it is a work of heart. They wanted to create an opportunity to help (aspiring) entrepreneurs make a difference, creating freedom for themselves (and others). So they took a simple idea and amplified its impact. They designed what they call “freedom gear” and the profits from each purchase become #freedomfunds. Your t-shirt can transform lives!
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The #freedomfunds go to help fund startups with a cause. What’s a cause? One that leaves this world a better place (via a product or service) that impacts others in a positive way. And one that as they say, “leaves us with goosebumps!” This is about paying it forward. This is about making a difference. This is about leaving a legacy. This is about believing in someone. And if you’ve ever had someone believe in you and/or invested in you (time, resources, energy), you know what a game changer it can be.
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Friends, the truth is, each one of us (entrepreneur or not) has the capacity to leave this world better than we found it. It’s the heart beat and legacy of Generation Amazing.
Generation Amazing


Why is freedom important? I think Robert Green Ingersol says it best:
“What light is to the eyes-
what air is to the lungs-
what love is to the heart,
liberty is to the soul of man.”


What does FREEDOM look like to you?


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