Key to Fulfillment: M.Y.O.B.!

I have a confession to make…yes another one.
I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of confessing lately and truth be told, it’s doing me some good.

I want to be loved. I want to be liked.
But this “want” has gotten me into a bit of trouble.
Let me explain.

There are times (much more than I’d like to admit) when my ego wants to be loved-a longing to be fulfilled but as opposed to it coming from the inside out, it is a “temporary” fulfillment that comes from external validation. As I fall into a state of trying to satisfy my ego, I have become aware of how this very way of being can distract me from my true calling and purpose, which is to BE LOVE. Please don’t misunderstand me. Being Loved is something that we all desire but I believe with all my heart that God doesn’t want it to come before us Being (and giving) Love.

Be Love(d)


LOVE. BE LOVE [Give]. BE LOVE(D) [Receive].

Love. Be Love. Be Loved.


This isn’t always easy. If you want to talk about easy, it’s much easier to focus on what we are/are not receiving in life whether it be love, opportunities, relationships, etc. The trouble with this is that it can consume our thoughts, energy, time, and to be completely honest, not in a particular productive or healthy way.


How do I know if I’ve fallen into the trap of being overly focused on being loved? When I start consuming myself with how many followers I have vs others, how many likes I’ve gotten, comparing myself to what others are/are not doing, etc. The truth is, this unhealthy obsession has the ability to lead me (and perhaps you) down a path away from what I’ve been called to do and who I was created to be.


So how do I combat this potential obsession/unhealthy behaviour? By remembering that Being Loved is none of my business but Being Love is. When Love and consequently Being Love is at the forefront of my life, then Being Loved is a natural consequence. Practically speaking, I no longer consume myself with who mentioned me and when (listed when you press the @ symbol on your twitter profile, under the thumbtack symbol in pinterest), I check Facebook once a week (vs. everyday though some exceptions apply e.g., leading up to an event), and I removed the “show likes” button on my blog.

“What people in the world think about you is really none of your business.”-Martha Graham

“People will love you, people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you.”-Unknown

The PlayBigPlayNow invite this week to you and I is to M.Y.O.B….Mine Your Own Business. What matters is not what others think about you but rather who you and I choose to be each and everyday. My hope is that we choose to BE LOVE each day and in every way. For when we change the way we love, we change the way we live and when we change the way we live, we change the way we love.

when we change the way we love


Lord, in the moments in which I feel like I am not _________ enough, may my heart and mind be reminded that you are MORE than enough and with you, ALL things are possible.

As St. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:13, “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.” Not somethings on somedays but all things each and every day.

Harold Kushner on Love