Mid-Week Gamechanger

Hi Friend,

Happy Wednesday:). I hope your first half of the week has gone well but I hope even more that the second half is even better!

Perhaps you are on your lunch hour as I am and need a little mid-day, mid-week pick-me-upper…a little soul food that your latte can’t do anything about. Well here are a couple of things to brighten your day…better lat(t)e than never:)

My Uncle Peter sent me this one.
What’s the difference between STRESS, TENSION, and PANIC? Stress is when your wife is pregnant. Tension is when your girlfriend is pregnant. Panic is when both your wife and girlfriend are pregnant!

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this photo. It was from a must-read post entitled “30 Great Examples of People Doing Nice Things.” It stirs your soul. It certainly stirred mine…in a good way:).

Little girl grannies
Photo courtesy of Viral Nova. To check out the 29 other make-you-smile stories, click on the image above.


Did you know that smiling has many health benefits? Check this out!

Health Benefits of Smiling: A Free Infographic
To download and/or print a copy of this info graphic, click on the image above:)

This free infographic has been produced by Assure A Smile to illustrate the all-natural health benefits of smiling every day.
So to help bring that smile across your face and mine today and everyday, I created a Pinterest board for you and I dedicated to this entitled “The Smile Effect.”


Wishing you an amazing day ahead!