Everyday Gourmet: Healthy & Helpful Tips & Tricks

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Happy New Week! As you settle in to this week ahead, get your self ready for the delicious companies who are here to help make your daily eating quick, easy, nutritious, AND delicious!

For those in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), check out MEALSPIRATIONS who “deliver great recipes and fresh ingredients for you to cook delicious and healthy dinners in your kitchen.” You can also follow them on twitter @mealspirations!



For my American friends, APPETITES offers a similar experience. You can download the app ($4.99 in the iTunes store) where you can browse a series of cooking videos, order the ingredients, have them delivered to your front step and follow their step-by-step instructional videos.



Menu (Jan 19-23rd)


Here are a couple of reference guides to take with you while you are grocery shopping!

mercury levels in fish
Photo courtesy of Holistic-Nourishment.com


Photo courtesy of the Environmental Working Group