Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Photos

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Happy Weekend! I hope that all of you had an amazing week.

This week was full of tasty treats and moments that reminded me that “…how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”-Jay Danzie

What is y(our) signature trademark?

Tarte Nicoise and Arugula Salad from Le Select Bistro in Toronto
Thank you to wonderful team @wearpact (PACT Apparel) for my new socks:). They are fair-trade and made of organic cotton!
Your #brand isn’t an external thing as it is an internal realization.
One of the most DELICIOUS caesar salad’s I’ve ever had courtesy of Piazza Bistro in downtown Oakville. (Also pictured is an equally delicious grilled veggie sandwich)
Loved this display of beautiful wrapping paper from a little boutique called House Warmings.
Deal of the week: Skinny B Organic Breakfast Cereal reg. $10.99, on sale for $1.00! That’s right $1.00…I bought 5 bags 🙂


Spent some precious moments with my neighbours Catherine and Brian who have been married for 59 years. And who are more in love today than ever!  Photo courtesy of:
One of the most precious moments this week came unexpectedly when I got to spend some time with my neighbours  Catherine and Brian who have been married for 59 years.                                                                           The photo above depicts their love to a tee!
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