Drew and I live in Mother Nature-means-business Ontario, where the summers are scorching and the winters are beyond cold.

Last winter, Drew realized that his winter coat was not warm enough but managed to stay warm by adding additional layers. This year, he decided that it was time to find a new one.

We searched and found some good options. The only problem was finding it in his size was proving to be impossible. Sold out everywhere. After hours of visiting stores, calling other stores, some great customer service experiences and some neglectful ones, we faced moments of disappointment and inklings of frustration.

That is until God did what He does best. He changed our hearts. And He used a little boy to do so.

On his way to work, Drew would often see a little boy with his grandmother walking to school.  This winter, he noticed that the little boy was wearing soccer cleats (for shoes) and his pants appeared short for his growing body. What he didn’t realize was that God was using the little boy to open our eyes by opening our hearts.

After not much luck locating the jackets of choice, Drew said something that reminded us of God’s love. He said, “let’s not focus on locating these jackets. I can go another year with what I have. I was thinking that may be we can use the money to buy a jacket for someone else.”

More with Less, Less with More, Nothing with Anythng


In that instant, God took our gaze from our own wants and ways and lifted our eyes and hearts to come face-to-face with His.

We have a special mission in front of us…and this one, is far more exciting, far more rewarding, and far more meaningful than the search for the jacket. The search that God wants us to be on is the search for His children everywhere in need of love. Perhaps a nudge or an outpouring of His love that is relentless, unconditional, and full of grace. God is able, are we available?

Sam on Love


Sometimes winter does the heart good…