Everyday Gourmet: The SUP(P)ER BOWL

Hello lovelies,

Happy New Week! This week’s deliciousness was inspired by yesterday’s SUPER BOWL. While The New England Patriots and The Seattle Seahawks battled for the ultimate title in football, I believe two teams go head to head at every meal time.

There’s Team Healthy and Team Junk Food. Each teams plays for the ultimate championship in food-your SUP(P)ER BOWL. The great news is that YOU get to decide who wins in your life and I get to decide who wins in my life. The battle in most people’s lives is often close. Team Healthy scores with its promise to nourish us from the inside out equipping us with the vitamins and minerals to score touchdowns in our lives. Team Junk Food on the other hand promises convenience, cheap cost (up front), and a taste you will keep wanting.

My hope is that one day, the battle for our SUP(P)ER BOWL will be between Team Healthy and Team Healthy-the battle of nutritious AND delicious! May this week’s menu inspire you to see meal time not as “another thing on my to-do list” but rather a play for your health, wealth, and happiness:)

Photo courtesy of http://havefunwithenglish.eklablog.com
Photo courtesy of http://havefunwithenglish.eklablog.com

Menu (Feb 2nd-6th)

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My foodie days went through a clean eating overhaul years ago when I came across the EAT-CLEAN Diet series by Tosca Reno. Less of a diet and more of a lifestyle, Tosca shares the journey of making friends with food,transforming dull into delicious, and fuelling yourself and your family from the inside out!


Love the EAT-CLEAN Diet series by Tosca Reno
I LOVE the EAT-CLEAN Diet series by Tosca Reno. Check out a copy at your local library or pick-up a copy at a bookstore near you!

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