The 2-Year Old Game Changer.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The moment. The feeling. The experience.

The day had finally come for my nephew Jackson to arrive.

He was flying in with his nana to visit us for the weekend and the moment couldn’t arrive sooner.

As we waited at the arrival terminal, staring at the arrival board that stated their plane had landed early, I found myself wondering, “Would he be in a good mood? Would he recognize us?”

The doors that separated the passengers and those waiting for them kept opening and closing. I looked far and wide but saw no one I recognized.

Then it happened. And it was one of those moments in life that I find myself replaying, a moment I wish I could freeze in time.

The door opened and in the distance I spotted Pauline pushing a stroller with Jackson. A big smile was on my face as I waved to them. Jackson had a big smile on his face and I saw him get out of his stroller. I walked closer to the door and watched as he started running towards me. I knelt down to be on his level with my arms outstretched awaiting to embrace his little frame. Oh how I love that little man.

As I gave him a big hug, I felt his head rest on my shoulders. My heart was overflowing with this incredible love. It had been 6 months since I saw him in person…there’s nothing like seeing someone in person. Technology is wonderful but no replacement for an in-person experience.

Making memories with a very special little boy.


There are so many incredible memories that I will always hold dear from our weekend visit-a visit that had blessings written all over it.

As I reflect upon this priceless moment in time, I am reminded of how God feels when one of His own comes home. Just as I was awaiting for little Jackson to arrive, God awaits for His children to come to him whether after being far away or throughout the day. With His arms wide open, His mind is not on what we’ve done or what we haven’t done. He’s not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, He’s focused on the moment at hand-the moment when we come face-to-face. Just as my heart was set on smothering Jackson with all the love I could muster and giving him the most amazing experience, so too does our Heavenly Father. His love for you and I is far greater than we could even fathom. He desires to love on us, to shower us with His best, and to savour and enjoy being in eachothers company.

The love for music runs in the family…little Mozart at work:)


During the weekend, Jackson was sitting with Drew and I saw them creating a video using his phone. What I didn’t realize was they were recording a special message for me. The video was of Jackson who said 5 words: “I love you Auntie Joann.” My heart melted the first time I saw it and continues to melt every time I watch it. I think about how much this little one has impacted my heart and what I would do for him…I would do anything for him. And so too would God for you and I. Just as my heart melts for Jackson, I am brought into awareness of how it melts God’s heart when He thinks of us. It can often be hard to think that God thinks of us the same way we think of those we love most.

I believe God sent Jackson to remind us of how much He loves us. He wants to lavish His love on us and bless us with the most amazing experience each day. He reminds us of how much it means to Him when we come to Him, when we express our love for Him, and when we are simply in His presence. God loves you and I….a lot.

Our weekend with Jackson was so special and one that I will always hold dear but my heart has melted even more as I have come heart-to-heart with My Father’s relentless love. God will use anyone and anything to draw us closer to His heart…especially the unsuspecting ones.

God’s Love. It’s Timeless, Relentless, Unconditional, and Life Transforming. It’s the Ultimate Game Changer.