Everyday Gourmet: Real Food or Killer Filler…

Dear fake food,

You look real. You smell real, you taste real-ish, but deep down I know that you are not.

See for a long time, I was taught to eat my fruits and veggies, drink my milk, and eat my protein…so I did.

But then I learned something that shocked me. The food I was eating was not real! Gasp!

I learned that you share the same name as the good stuff. But you don’t have the same goodness within you.

It’s like finding a treasure chest with no treasures inside…an empty treasure chest? Gasp!

What happened? How did you come to be? Will the real food please stand up?




A couple of years ago, Drew and I embarked on an adventure of cleaning up our act in terms of the food we bought/ate, the products we used, and the companies we supported. For the most part we ate pretty clean (what is clean eating? you can learn more about eating clean here) but we kicked it up a notch after watching a couple of might I say life-changing documentaries:

Food Matters

Food, Inc.

Crazy Sexy Cancer

Forks Over Knives

Hungry For Change

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

What I didn’t realize was how much I didn’t know and what made me sad was the fact that if it weren’t for this lifestyle movement, I still would be left in the dark. I found myself googling companies while in the grocery store and referring to my dirty dozen/clean fifteen guide. Shopping/grocery trips were no longer about same old but were seen through a set of wide open eyes. And then entered frustration and sadness over why I even had to do all this research. Why couldn’t I trust all my local grocery stores to help nourish me and my family. Who could I trust? Who could I trust to have my well-being in mind and not merely interested in taking my money.

Friends, I am still learning each day, which has proven to be fascinating and frustrating at times. So many people spend money on health insurance and life insurance when the greatest “insurance” we can give ourselves is the foods (physically and metaphorically) we INgest and the products we use.

Real Food or Killer Filler


Everyday Gourmet is not just about delicious meals every week but a place where we can come to nourish ourselves from the inside out, equipping us with the tips, tricks, and consider this’ to lead healthier and more meaningful lives.

Just as many invest to increase their wealth, may you consider investing to increase your health. After all, No Health, No Wealth.

no health, no wealth


How to Eat Organic Foods on a Budget

Healthy Shopper: Healthy Living with Healthy Savings (I personally use this website for AMAZING printable coupons for natural and organic products)

Common Kindness offers great printable coupons for my U.S. friends PLUS they donate to your charity of choice:)

Here is EWG’s 2014 Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list that you can save on to your phone to keep handy as reference.
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An amazing website dedicated to helping you recharge your health and your life!