My 2-year old nephew A.J. loves to count. Note that I didn’t say he likes to count but he LOVES to count. This little one has blown us all away as he doesn’t just count to ten, he can count to one hundered! Yes, you read correctly, 1-0-0!

Sweet A.J.
Sweet A.J.

The other day, A.J. and my sister Tammy came over for an impromptu visit and when they arrived, A.J. was sleeping. So she put him in our guest room to have his nap. Two hours later, I peeped in and noticed that he was stirring and rubbing his eyes. He sat up and upon seeing me, his first word? FOUR. The very first word that was on A.J.’s mind was the number four.

When I think about it, I think there’s a little bit of A.J. in all of us. We like to count things and/or people. We count the number of followers we have on twitter or likes on Fakebook and Instagram. We count what we have and what we don’t have. We count what others have and what we don’t have. We count what others are doing and (dis)count what we’re doing or vice versa. We count what’s in our bank account or what’s not in our bank account. We count who’s hot and who’s not, what’s hot and what’s not. We. Like. LOVE. To Count.

The problem is, the things that we find ourselves counting in life (the things that we a.k.a society have somehow convinced each other are important) can often times be mistaken for worth.

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” -Albert Einstein

Einstein on Counting

The invite to all of us (myself included) is to loosen the reigns off of our obsession of counting everything and instead focus on making things count.

Let’s not count moments but make each moment count.

Let's not count moments but make each moment count