Beauty & Blessings: A BIG Thank-You.

It’s Easter Weekend. For some this is synonymous with easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and the birth of spring.

For Christians around the world, Easter Weekend is synonymous with the greatest game-changer in human history. His name is JESUS. This man was and is like no one else. He chose to surround Himself with people who would deny Him, betray Him, doubt Him, and ultimately lead to His death. He chose them. He loved them. And He died for them.

Right now, our world is being turned upside down by some who are claiming to kill in the name of God.

Jesus didn’t come to kill. He came to save.

Religions make us bitter. Jesus makes us better.

Jesus Monogrammed Background

Jesus’ love is a Dangerous Love (Letter)a love that is unconditional, unreasonable, undeniable, and unfailing. His offer is an open invite to you and I wherever we are in life to come as we are. Jesus finds us when we are alone, forgotten, uncounted, and in despair and whispers to our soul, “I know. I am here. I love you.” Do you know my friend Jesus?

a dangerous love
A Dangerous Love (Letter)

His love caused Him to do the unthinkable and hang with the untouchables. He dined with outcasts. He got down on His hands and knees to serve and demonstrate His love and humility. What would our world be like if more of us got off our high horses and followed His lead? What if leadership was less about what can you do for me and more about what can I do for you?

Pope Francis washing the feet of prisoners, following the example of Jesus.
Pope Francis washing the feet of prisoners, following the example of Jesus.


Jesus’ love is relentless and often times, He’s on the look out for willing participants like Ben Malcolmson to take part in His pursuit of those He loves.



Jesus’ love multiplies…


His love is full of wonder and awe(some). Thank you David Garibaldi.



Jesus’ love never ends. It is evident in the kindness of strangers and the goodness in humanity.

What would YOU do for your best friend?
What would YOU do for your best friend?


Eight Years ago today, I said farewell to one of my heroes, mentors, and my angel on earth. She was beautiful, brilliant, and blind. She lost her sight, lost most of her hearing, and had breast cancer. She had a mentality of a young child, never went to school, was illiterate, didn’t get married, have kids, own a house or car, or have anything that our society would qualify or quantify as having a “successful” life. She was MORE than successful; she was SIGNIFICANT. She taught me that you don’t have to have sight to have vision. You don’t have to have a lot materialistically to give a lot. You don’t have to be educated to be a great teacher. You don’t have to be successful by our world’s standards to be a significant player in life. She taught me that life is found in the moments that require you to give everything you are with the possibility of getting nothing back in return (though when you give your all, you more often than not get MUCH more back in return).

My aunt was and is a ROCK STAR. On April 4th, 2007 (which was during Holy Week that year), I found myself at her hospital bed side along with my mom and her other sister, holding her hand praying that our priest would make it there on time. See, my aunt’s condition was deteriorating. I watched her chest rise and fall. Father Norm arrived and placed his hand on her forehead as he blessed her and gave her her last rites. As he finished his prayer and lifted his hand off her head, my beautiful, stunning aunt, had breathed her last breath. He declared it a Holy Death and spoke about it during his Good Friday sermon eight years ago.

My beautiful aunt who was my angel on earth and who is now an angel in heaven…where she belongs.                         I miss you everyday. xoxo


Jesus was there on April 4th, 2007 in that hospital room and Jesus is HERE today April 4th, 2015 with me and with you. He loves you and I so much, these words can’t do it justice.

Easter Weekend is not about religion or religious traditions or so-called obligations. Easter is about JESUS. It is about a love that is beyond anything we can comprehend. It is way deeper, far wider, and greater than we’ll ever know.

There’s a song that says “Thank You Jesus, Just as I am I come. Hallelujah, Oh what Amazing Love.” Easter is an invite to come just as we are (imperfections, flaws, mistakes, etc.) and receive, live, and bask in His Amazing Love. And folks, love- Jesus’ love is far sweeter, way cooler, more incredible, and way more satisfying than even the best chocolate bunny out there.

Happy Easter. You. Are. Loved.


“Jesus I Come” by Elevation Worship

Oh how I need Your grace
More than my words can say
Jesus I come Jesus I come
In all my weaknesses
You are my confidence
Jesus I come Jesus I come

I will rise stand redeemed
Heaven open over me
To Your name eternally
Endless glory I will bring (oh)

Oh what amazing love
We need Your cleansing flood
Jesus I come Jesus I come
In every broken place
You are my righteousness
Jesus I come Jesus I come

Thank You Jesus
Just as I am I come
Oh what amazing love


Where there is hatred, let me sow LOVE