BIG NEWS! The LS4 Lifestyle Collection Has Arrived:)

It’s here! It’s here!

Looking for an inspirational gift or something to brighten up your wall (office, bedroom, house)? Check out the newly launched LS4 (pronounced L-is-for) Lifestyle Collection now available on ETSY!

Here you will find cards, art pieces, books, and more that are inspired by Life(style) and fueled by Love.

LS4 is an engine used in cars.

At Big Picture Fine Focus, LS4 represents the engine that makes your life run
and function optimally. L can be life, lifestyle, love, learning, laughter, legacy, loyalty, luxury,
laid-back, left-brain, light, lifework, limitless, language, and the list can go on.

L can stand for many things but ultimately, the choice is yours.
You get to choose the engine that powers your life and guides your decisions about who you are
and how you will experience everyday moments.

What is your ‘L’?

To celebrate the launch of the LS4 Lifestyle Collection, here is a special promo code
just for you! Feel free to help spread the word and share and tell:)

Purchase two digital prints and get a third one FREE!
Expires: April 30th, 2015

New items will continue to be added…this is just the beginning friends!

What’s even better? A portion of the proceeds from every purchase made from the LS4 Collection will go towards helping an individual achieve their goals/dreams via Together we are helping empower others in the fight to alleviate poverty (which is not merely about resources but also about love) and Sowing (sounds like: so-in) Love all around the world.

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