Beauty & Blessings: This Week’s Goodie Bag!

#givepresence is a challenge, a movement, a lifestyle that LULULEMON introduced in December 2014. It was a way of encouraging us to consider that the greatest gift we could give each other was/is our presence.



They created a whole site dedicated to this movement and truth be told, every season of our lives is gift giving season (not just at Hanukah or Christmas). Every day we are all invited to give of ourselves to others and our world in a way that leaves them better than we found-a little sweeter, a little more energized, and little more loved. #givepresence is an invite for everyday living.



…for those who find themselves in need of some gift-giving ideas, here are 6 Gifts That Cost Nothing

6 Gifts That Cost Nothing
6 Gifts That Cost Nothing


…and what about this nifty gift for the adventure seeking world traveller? “Wanted: 3 #adventure junkies for all-expenses-paid trip to Ecuador, Sweden or Canada with @WorldNomads”

Are you an #adventure junkie? If so, this might be for you…click on the image to learn more about World Nomads!

…and then there’s the gift of sharing farm fresh produce to underserved areas #fundthebus

Lowcountry Street Grocery...on wheels!
Lowcountry Street Grocery…on wheels!


A reminder to you. A reminder to me. A reminder to all of us.
A reminder to you. A reminder to me. A reminder to all of us.



Focus on what you CAN do with what you DO have. It’s often times more than you think:) #givepresence



Another breathtaking #sunset. #Godisgood

The best thing about when we #givepresence is it causes a ripple effect-something some might call #payitforward or #smock (simple moments of contagious kindness)

…inspired by the book “Pay It Forward” by Catherine Ryan Hyde, this notion became a motion picture


…and a Global Movement


…and an International Day








“I am a bit like a penny, by myself, I am not worth much, but with a little below and lots of pennies, you can achieve a lot. Every penny counts and even the smallest person can make a difference”-Jeneece Edroff  #youmatter #smock


This song has been on repeat in our home, in my mind, and in my heart…

“My heart beating, my soul breathing
I found my life when I laid it down
Upward falling, spirit soaring
I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground”
-HillsongUNITED, “Touch The Sky”



Our world needs your love