The G-Factor.

I wonder what I ever did to deserve this amazing life.

And then I am stopped in my tracks of self-righteousness because I did nothing to deserve this.

I am here because of grace. God’s grace.

I woke up this morning beside the one I love, in the comforts of our beautiful home. Grace.

I sat down to read. Grace.

I walked to the kitchen and made us breakfast. Grace.

I poured myself a glass of water. Grace.

I am writing this post from my laptop. Grace.

Grace is everywhere.

You reading this. Grace.

There is heartbreaking things going on in this world right now and it’s only by God’s grace that it’s not happening right here to you and I. This is not God’s way of choosing favourites but it is His way of saying, “You have been chosen.” We have all been chosen to do great things in this world and friend, our purpose, stems not solely from what we stand for…but WHO we stand for. It’s easy to sit down and shut up; to turn our head; to turn a blind eye and do nothing but doing nothing is in fact doing something. We’re adding to the problem.

Each of us has been handed an invitation to take part in life. An invite to look up from our circumstances to meet the eyes of another who is hungry for a word of encouragement, a smile, a hug, something to eat, or just…acknowledgement. It’s an invite to count our blessings daily, especially the ones that we so often take for granted. It’s an invite to use what we do have, can do, and what we do know to make a positive difference in the lives of others. When we GIVE, we truly live. 

What can I do? Where do I start? Why me?

Can you offer a kind word to someone?

Can you buy coffee for the person behind you?

Can you pick up an extra item at the market to donate to the food bank?

Can you hold the door open for another?

Can you pray for someone you don’t know?

Can you love someone who may never love you back?

Can you be grateful for what you do have and can do?

Start right where you are. Today. Right Now. No excuses (there are far too many of them we can give).

Why you? Because you matter. And the person that lives next door, matters. And the person at work, matters. And the 9-year old girl who is being sold into slavery, matters. 

This is my promise. Will you join me?
This is my promise. Will you join me?


We can make a difference because WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE.

We are the difference between love and hatred.

We are the difference between compassion and indifference.

We are the difference between dream making and dream breaking.

We. Are. The. Difference.

You and I, we’re difference makers.

We are the difference



My invite to all of us today is this:

May we not be blinded by the blessings or blinded to the blessings but may you and I be present to His presence, which is everywhere.

Where there is hatred, let me sow LOVE

…and in borrowing a page from the amazing folks at MORE LOVE LETTERS, let us all join together and MAKE LOVE FAMOUS.
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