The Marilyn Way of Living…

Kids are precious especially when they are three and have no filter or inhibitions.
A couple of months back, we celebrated our niece Olivia’s birthday. What I love about these celebrations is the moments in time that we get to spend with those we love. During the festivities, my brother-in-love Erik put on Dance 2015 on Xbox. Instantaneosly, the kids jumped in front of the tv.
As he put on “Let It Go,” my eyes and attention were drawn to Marilyn, who is three. She is this cute girl with an incredible spirit. She’s fiery, determined, super sweet, and lately, seems to always have a “big idea!”
Mooshie in yellow
Little Miss Marilyn. Photo credit: Natural Born Beauties Photography
Marilyn stepped right to the front and as the music played, she was right in there, signing with reckless abandonment as if her life depended on it. She sang because she loved the song. She wanted in and with her passion and drive, she certainly was in. She didn’t care what everyone else was doing or not doing, she didn’t care that there was a room of people watching. Marilyn was very much present in the moment, singing and dancing to the song she loves.
Dance like no one is watching.”-Mark Twain
I couldn’t help but smile. And everyone who watched her for that matter, smiled, laughed, and experienced her joy.
mooshie & jilly
Marilyn and her little sister Jillian. Photo Credit: Natural Born Beauties Photography
I wonder how many of us could take a page out of Marilyn’s book? I know I certainly could.
Today, may you and I be inspired by Miss Marilyn to be in the moment, give life everything we’ve got, and play full out. It’s in those moments that joy is felt, joy is expressed, and joy is spread to those around us.
In the wise words of St. Elsa of Frozen, “Let it go, let it go….”
(*you decide what IT is)
brookie and mooshie
Marilyn (R) and her big sister Brooklyn a.k.a. Pippy. Photo Credit: Natural Born Beauties Photography
let it go-st elsa