(Making) Space for Greatness

Drying Rack. Words. Cars. Roasting Veggies. Fires. Life.

invisible meaning

It is the space in the drying rack that allows the air to circulate and allows the clothes to dry.

It is the space between letters that allow us to read the word and the space between words that create the phrase.

It is the space between cars that allow traffic to keep moving.

It is the space between veggies on a baking sheet that allows them to roast vs. steam.


The poet Judy Brown reminds us that what makes a fire burn is not just the logs but the space that exists between the logs. Without air a fire will soon burn down to nothing. To use another metaphor, borrowed from book design, we all need to build some white space into our lives. Try reading a page jammed full of text. It’s not a pleasant experience. Space between the letters and the lines, space to make a margin around the text — this is what makes reading easy on the eye.

Similarly, too many good things packed into too few days will destroy our passion for life, leaving us frustrated, tired, and depleted.-Ann Spangler, The Peace God Promises


When it looks like nothing is happening, everything is happening. GOD works in and through the spaces in our lives. Is there space in your life or is it occupied with stuff? Is the parking lot of your life full or are there available spots for beauty, blessings and incredible experiences? God is able. Are you and I available?


invisibly visible