When I Find Myself Lost…

The other night, Drew, my pops, and I were out in Niagara Falls to catch the nightly fireworks show. It was dark out and the there were TONS of people everywhere awaiting the show to begin. At one point, my eyes were drawn to a little boy who was looking around and calling out for his mum. He was lost.

In that instant, I was transported to the countless times I was lost as a child. I would be in the store with my mum or dad, and wander off or I would find myself looking at something only to realize that they were no longer where I was. My heart would race, my mind would race. Standing by myself, all alone, I would wonder when (and sometimes if) I would see them again.

My dad had a trick that I am about to reveal. A trick that worked. My pops used to do a specific whistle when he came into a room or was near by. Over time, my brother and I became accustomed to this sound. So while we were out, no matter where we were, all my dad had to do was whistle and we would know where to find him. He would just stay out and whistle until we were in sight range.

That sound became a source of comfort-a reminder that no matter how lost I thought I was, as long as my dad was around, I would be found.

This reminds me of Jesus when He said:
“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”-John 10:27

No one wakes up and decides to be lost on that day. At least no one I know of. The truth is, things happen and without knowing it, we find ourselves lost-whether as a child out with our parents, out in a crowd with friends, among people in life, in our careers, in life, etc. But as I am reminded time and time again, His voice, will always lead us back into His presence. Jesus’ voice will always lead you and I… home.

The question is, are we listening?

“God bless the whole world, no exceptions.”-anonymous bumper sticker