Beauty & Blessings: This Week in Wonder & Awe(some)

Hey there good looking!

Happy Weekend:). Grab your favourite beverage, kick your feet-up, and sit- back and enjoy some of this week’s treasures.


Two words: Heavenly Joy.

The little girl truly lives up to her name of Heavenly Joy. Watch as she uses her God-given talent to touch another.
My favourite part? The song she chooses to sing to KLG:)


and in case you missed her on America’s Got Talent, watch and be amazed by the talent and the wisdom of this sweet soul.

————————————You. Are. Loved.——————————————–

What do you see when you look at another? Do you see an obstacle or an opportunity?

He saw an opportunity. This is what happened…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.48.54 PM

————————————You. Are. Loved.-——————————————-

Define God in one word.
This is how people replied…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.55.42 PM
click on image to read the FULL story:)

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Every one of us has (or will) at some point lost a tooth. Some of us may have even been visited by the “tooth fairy.” Well for all of you who are curious out there, recently released a study on just how much a tooth is fetching these days…

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He came. He went. And he did this on his very first at-bat in the Major Leagues! p.s. he’s a pitcher (well then again, so was Babe Ruth)

What I love about this story is the incredible journey that is life. It is a beautiful reminder to never. give. up. always. get. better. be. better.

Daniel Norris started this year as a starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. After a couple of starts, he was sent down to the minor leagues. Then he was traded for one of the top pitchers (it was a “Price-y” deal) in major league baseball. He immediately joined the starting rotation for his new team the Detroit Tigers. He was back playing in the major leagues. At his very first at-bat in the majors, he hits a homerun straight centre field. Redemption. Isaiah 55:9

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.20.50 PM
————————————You. Are. Loved.-——————————————-

Inhale Breathtaking Beauty. Exhale Gratitude. Repeat.

“Only in a world where faith is difficult can faith exist.”-Peter John Kreeft
Where will your footsteps lead others?


“It’s not what you do every now and then, but what you do everyday, that changes everything.”-Ann Voskamp
Psalm 46:10
“As your love, in wave after wave, crashes over me, crashes over me…”-Amanda Cook, “You Make Me Brave”

————————————You. Are. Loved.-——————————————-

Preparing for #lolewhite with a very special yogini