Going ALL In.

Do you ever pay attention to commercials? You know those sometimes interesting, sometimes annoying, sometimes, clever, sometimes boring 30 second ads scattered throughout the show you are watching. If you’re not using the commercials to attend to other things like going pee, getting a drink, etc., you might come across one that speaks to you (metaphorically).

I remember seeing this commercial for the first time and not really thinking anything of it. Then I saw it again. And again. By the third time, I started paying attention. (side note: Drew and I watch Jays in 30 while we have our breakfast and Pokerstars.net seems to be its commercial wife)


Consider the commercial above in which Cristiano Ronaldo goes all in during the game and ultimately everyone around him folds. The amazing thing is he wasn’t dealt the greatest hand but he won because of what he did with what he had. His confidence, his willingness to take a risk, and his bold action set the stage for “success.” Others couldn’t see his cards, but they did see his confidence and his “poker face.”


We cannot change the cards we are dealt-Randy Pausch


In the same way, may you and I be less concerned about what cards we have and know that with God, we’ve got the winning hand. We have to a) believe it and b) declare it (via our words and actions). Sure it could have gone the opposite way for Ronaldo but it didn’t. The creator of the commercial was intentional. He (or she) knew what he was doing. Likewise, the Creator of our lives is intentional. He knew what He was doing when He created us and what He is doing now. When we place our confidence in God and not what’s in our hands, anything and everything is possible. 


When we place our trust in God


In poker, they say “all in.”

In life, they say “at any cost.”

All in. At any cost. Wholehearted living. Life is now. Do you dare?