What Does Your Accent Say About You?

Do you hear what I hear?


Accents are fascinating. I love how people from different countries can speak the same language (say English) but have their own flavour (a.k.a. different accents).  An accent is a way of telling us what country someone is from and is often a great conversation starter. I always say that I’d be a lot more interesting if I had an accent (other than my Canadian accent that is).

Did you know?

“Different groups of people talk, grunt, exclaim, and even laugh in different ways.

And it’s not just people. Goats say bahhhh with different accents, depending on where they live. Gibbons sing different songs, depending on which groups they’re raised in.”-Esther Inglis-Arkell, “The Science of Accents”



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This got me thinking. If I could have any accent in the world, which one would I choose? If you were to have any accent in the world, what accent would you choose?

After much deliberation and exploring my options, I know the accent that I want…the LOVE one. I want my accent to reflect that I come from love. Sure it may sound different and unlike most people but that’s what I love about it-no pun intended.

Accents are a way of distinguishing where someone comes from.

My hope is that my accent will always reflect that I come from a place of love…unconditional love.  

Do you hear(t) what I hear(t)?

Do you hear what I hear?