Beauty & Blessings: Some Wonder & Awe(some) Shall We?

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Happy New Week! No long note today, just some amazing beauty & blessings that I hope will evoke a sense of wonder & awe(some) and perhaps put a smile (or two) on your face. ENJOY!

Let’s kick it off with some cuteness…absolute cuteness!

Photo Credit: Kent Corley Photography
Photo Credit: Kent Corley Photography
Bayley the golden doodle
Photo Credit: Kent Corley Photography

Need a little escape? Check these beauties out!

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Hocking Hills, USA
Hocking Hills, USA Photo Credit:

In other words, what you look at will illuminate your mind, your heart, and your body. If you spend your time looking for only material things, that light will be darkness. But if you spend your life looking for spiritual things and the kingdom of God, your whole body and your whole life will be illuminated with God’s goodness.-Bobby Schuller

How about a little “I Spy” from my phone…





“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”-W. B. Yeats

How about this for a school?



“The frog does not drink up the pond it which she lives.”-Buddhist Proverb

And you know that I’m a sucker for companies who are all about doing good + doing well. I’m so excited that I learned about these fine folks and maybe, just maybe, you will be too!





I love them even more since they’ve partnered with PACT Apparel to offer this beauty of a giveaway! Click on the image below to enter to win:)



LOLE’s Yellow Label Initiative is back! This is wonderful program is all about nourishing the body and nourishing the soul through…giving away your coat?!? Hop on over to LOLEWOMEN or click the image below to learn more about this special initiative.

LOLE Yellow Label

“Good Things Come In Small Packages…”

How much space do we really need? It’s not about what we have as much as it is about what WE DO with what we have that makes a difference. Ever since I learned about tiny houses, I’ve been incredibly fascinated and slightly obsessed. Every inch matters. Every inch has a purpose. Every inch is designed with intention. It’s a reminder that size doesn’t determine significance and that sometimes less is really more. It’s what’s on the inside that truly matters.  Check out these spectacular designs (click on each image to tour the interior). Can you say wow?

Photo Credit: Country Living
Photo Credit: Country Living
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Tinyhousepins
Photo Credit: Tinyhousepins

“Let Love be your highest goal!”-1 Corinthians 14:1

Anchors for y(our) soul.


Love 2

Wishing you and yours the most spectacular week ahead!

You are loved much more than you’ll ever know.