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There’s something within each of us that comes alive when we talk about something we are passionate about, when we spend time with someone we love, when we come across something that excites us, or when we work on something that fires us up. It’s that place…that place when you come alive that fires me up. It’s that desire and longing to be alive and feel alive that I believe, has brought you here.

Love is a lifestyle. And true, relentless love is…dangerous.

Dangerous Love transforms the way we create, design, and educate. It transforms the way we see, feel, and experience.

Dangerous Love is a deadly threat to mediocrity…and that’s scary amazing.

Dangerous Love unveils the miraculous in the mundane, the opportunities hidden inside every obstacle, and creates the space in which you and I..come alive.

Thought-Provoking. Soul-Stirring. Game Changing.


Lifestyle Designer/Coach

it’s time, your time.
deep within you is a hunger; a thirst; a longing for more.
this is a place-a sacred space to dream big, be bold, and take the next step towards your God-given destiny.
rooted in God’s love and sprinkled with heavenly wisdom, come ready to challenge the status quo, unleash greatness,
and live the abundant life…everyday.

thought-provoking, soul-stirring, heart-on-the-line, share-and-tell, on-time messages
about Life(style), Leadership, and Legacy.
rooted in God’s Unconditional Love…a Dangerous Love.

Catalyst (Think Tank/Facilitator)
perspective unleashes possibilities.
love unlocks perspectives.
dangerous love transforms everything…and every one.
this is for the ones who are serious about leaving this world better than they found it.

photo courtesy of TEDxYorkU media team
photo courtesy of TEDxYorkU media team