The ETSY Collection

The LS4 Lifestyle Collection is now available on ETSY!


Inspired by You.

“When We Change The Way We Love, We Change The Way We Live.
When We Change The Way We Live, We Change The Way We Love.”It began with a fascination with beautiful stationary (paper, note pads, pencils, stickers and more), a love for activity books, and a passion for food and traveling. As I grew older, I found myself intrigued and inspired by writing, words, and beautiful things. I would spend (and still do) hours wandering around markets in different cities or going on a treasure hunt for life’s everyday blessings.

Fast forward a couple of decades. Filled with wonderful experiences and some bumps and bruises along the way was a deepening desire to inspire (breathe life into dreams, relationships, ideas, and lives).

Big Picture Fine Focus is a place to be inspired, refreshed, and energized.

The LS4 Lifestyle Collection feature inspirational pieces designed to provoke, challenge, encourage, and empower. It is my hope that in them you will find fuel for your journey and a little (or a lot of) wow in the now.

Each piece is a work of HE(ART) and is…fuelled by LOVE.

“Let Love be your highest goal!”-1 Corinthians 14:1

PROMO My heart directs PROMO I AM V2 Anchor Manifesto Brick PROMO Design(your) Label LIFESTYLE 8 x 10 PROMO May you enjoy the sunrise Promo When We Change the Way We Love PROMO Jesus Monogram PROMO Design(your) Label LOVE PROMO The Generosity Equation