At. Any. Cost. Do You Dare? @Worthypub @JonesDozen #AtAnyCost

Following Jesus is not hardwork, it’s heartwork.

At. Any. Cost. Do you dare?

So often as Jesus followers, we pray “Jesus, use me.” And yet when He nudges us in our everyday lives, how quick are we to respond with a resounding “yes!” Instead of responding with an immediate yes, we say “we’ll pray about it,” which more often than not is our attempt at giving ourselves more time.

The good news is Jesus knows that we will hesitate, delay, and many times try and bargain our way out of a situation. Yet despite all of this, He still chooses us. (That’s what we call Dangerous Love)

The other good news is that if we’re being honest, all of us have faced this on more than one occasion. Hayley and Mike Jones are no exception.

There’s a popular saying “family first.”  “At Any Cost: Overcoming Every Obstacle to Bring Our Children Home” is a beautiful story about struggle, surrender, sacrifice, and ultimately living a life of significance. Hayley and Mike Jones are incredible examples of living by faith and what it means to put Jesus at the center of your life.

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They remind us all that following Jesus is not without struggle. Instead, it’s through our struggles, through the nitty and gritty of life that Jesus reveals Himself strong. It is when you and I are willing to lay down our pride and exchange it for His ways, our need to control everything and everyone for complete and total surrender, and our grand plans for His divine purpose- that Jesus creates a breathtaking mosaic out of our broken pieces.

Surrender leads to significance.
Chaos develops (our) compassion.
Delay fuels our determination.
Prayers are powerful.
God’s timing is perfect. Ours is not.
“When God says it’s time, then and only then is it time. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.”-Hayley Jones

surrender leads to significance

Time and time again, the journey of the Jones invite us into a deeper relationship with God, to an experience of life above and beyond our wildest dreams, and a heart overflowing with love such that family, takes on a whole new meaning.

“When God calls you to do something, go for it, all the way. Have faith. He will see you through, and His timing is absolutely perfect.”-Hayley Jones

To learn more about Mike, Hayley and their beautiful family, please visit:

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